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I’m pleased to be writing my first communication for the CCLS’s new website.

Something to Focus on

Nick Burberry comments on his scholarship experience with Innovative Contact Lenses.

nkcf.org is an Excellent Resource for all. This site also has an e-mail based support group for KC sufferers.


About Us

A little bit of history
"Providing safe methods of vision correction since 1958..."

Formed in 1958, the Cornea and Contact Lens Society’s members include both ophthalmologists and optometrists. This makes us unique among professional societies and is a contributing factor to the generally friendly and collegial relationship that these two groups enjoy in New Zealand. Our members have a common interest in providing safe methods of vision correction and promoting research into aspects of corneal health and contact lens development. The society was formerly known as the New Zealand Society of Contact Lens Practitioners but our name was changed in 2006 to reflect our members’ interest in the anterior eye in its own right rather than just as a platform for contact lens wear. Our meetings are characterised by excellent education, great social events and a degree of informality.

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CCLSNZ Council

Our current council residents.
Anne Matheson
Dr Sue Ormonde
Immediate Past-president
Jagrut Lallu
Vice President
Richard Newson
Richard Johnson
Dr Chris Murphy
Eleisha Dudson
Roberta McIlraith

Eye Conditions

Common conditions affecting the anterior eye.

allaboutvision.com is a great resource for all your vision needs.