Blepharitis is a common infection of the eyelashes. It is easily managed, but needs continual treatment to be effective.

  • The simplest method of treating blepharitis is to rub a small amount of diluted Baby Shampoo onto the eyelashes (with your eyes closed) for about 15 to 20 seconds for each eye, twice a day.
  • Make sure that you rinse the shampoo off well afterward.
  • Continue this procedure for about one week, then about twice per week thereafter.
  • Your eyes should feel much more comfortable afterward, although it is important to continue this treatment twice per week to remain symptom-free.
  • Stopping this treatment will result in a return of the condition, since the bacteria that cause the condition are very common on the skin and eyelids and will return.

Note: A small percentage of patients are sensitive to Baby Shampoo. These patients should utilise diluted Bicarbonate of Soda solution or a commercial preparation such as Lid Care (Ciba Vision TM ) or Sterilid (TheraTears TM) instead.

If your eyes are not feeling better after a week or two of the treatment, you should return to your eye-care practitioner for further treatment or advice.