Conference Programme 2016

7.30 am Registration Open


8-28-8.30 am President’s welcome-Anne Matheson

8.30-8.48 am Management of contact lens related corneal infection – Prof  Fiona Stapleton

8.50-9.08 am  The Wellington Keratoconus Study – Dr Reece Hall

9.10-9.28 am Complications of the eyelids and the effects of contact lens wear – Prof Fiona Stapleton

9.30-9.40am  IPL dry eye treatment patient satisfaction results -John Veale

9.40 – 9.50am Panel discussion

9.50 – 10.20am COFFEE BREAK

10.20-10.38am The impact of daily disposable contact lenses on corneal infection and inflammation – a microbiological perspective Prof Fiona Stapleton

10.40-10.58am Scleral oxygen performance Grant Watters

11.00-11.18 Dry eye – who gets it and what causes it? Beyond DEWS. Prof Fiona Stapleton

11.20-11.38am Setting up IPL – Introducing IPL for Meibomian Gland Dysfunction –Varny Ganesalingam

11.40-11.50am Panel discussion

11:50-12.20pm Outlook for NZ’s Economy and Interest Rates Tony Alexander

12.30-1.30pm LUNCH BREAK

1.30-2.10 pm Cornea & Contact Lens Society AGM (members only)

2.10-2.28pm Modernising referral into a public setting for cataracts James McKelvie

2.30-2.48 pm Cases in the hospital -Reuben Gordon

2.50-3.08pm Lid Wiper Epitheliopathy in Contact Lens Wearers Adele Jefferies

3.10-3.20 pm Panel discussion

3.20-3.50 pm COFFEE BREAK

3.50-4.08 pm Keratoconus and crosslinking – update Sid Ogra

4.10-4.28 pm Myopia Control: from the Lab to High Street -Greg Nel

4.30-4.48 pm Superficial Issues: Unusual Cases – Management and Strategy Eleisha Dudson

4.50-5.00 pm Panel discussion

5.00-6.00 pm COCKTAIL HOUR