Dry Eyes

Dry Eyes and contact lenses

Many newer contact lens materials are available nowadays which offer better comfort to people with dry eyes than previous lens materials. Specially designed polymers have been developed which dry out less on the eye, resulting in less lens awareness, better clarity of vision and less reliance on rewetting drops. See your eye care practitioner to find out if you are suitable for one of the newer material type of contact lenses, and if you have dry eye please be sure to mention this when you see them next.

Computer Vision Syndrome

When we perform concentrated vision tasks such as driving, reading and working on computers, we tend to blink less often than normal. This can result in the drying out of contact lenses, which can make the contact lenses less comfort, as well as blurring the vision. This can be managed by applying rewetting eye drops to rehydrate the lenses as often as needed. Improving the quality and frequency of blinking can also help enormously. Newer materials are also available which dry out less, especially if there is also air-conditioning around, which can further dry out your contact lenses. You should consult your eye care practitioner if you are experiencing any discomfort with your contact lenses. Remember that your lenses should offer clear, comfortable and healthy vision.